Cosmetic dentistry treatment

Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is not only healthy and beautiful smile, but also rise of self-esteem and undoubted cosmetic effect. Patients expect not only treatment of dental decay and filling lack of teeth. Aesthetics of their own teeth is also very essential. We offer our patients all what can improve their self-esteem and frame of mind.

Teeth whitening., White teeth are the symbol of beauty and health. Without damaging the hard tissue of teeth lightening of the color is achieved to a great extent. Patients can choose from more than 2 teeth whitening methods:

WHITENING AT HOME - we make splint to night, which ensure patients safe whitening at home

WHITENING IN THE CLINC - whitening methods using BEYOND whitening lamp. We assure quick and long-lasting effect

Porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are used as a prosthetic filling due to the change in color, shape or structure of the tooth enamel. The use of this method in cosmetic dentistry provides high quality dental correction of deficiencies.

Full ceramic crowns. Ceramic crowns provide a complete and correction of defects in the patient's teeth using the most sophisticated materials to ensure durability and cosmetic effect of the highest quality.


It is perfect for patients, who feel uncomfortable due to sound that is made by denatal drill. We offer the abrasive blaster, which is lacking in sound of working drill.

Removing decay and shaping tooth structure is perfomed with compressed air and molecules of aluminium oxide. The process is painless and contactless. The procedure can be performed among children and adults. It is also recommended for pregnant women as well.