Endodontics – dental microscope

Endodontics - dental microscope

We provide a professional canal treatment in the cofferdam cover, using modern equipment and materials. We aim for a minimum the number of visits with the necessary X-ray control performed in the office and we use the latest tools like a surgical microscope. It allows us to localize the mouth of the canal, which are invisible to the eye. We can even "look" into the canal and under visual control conduct the proper treatment.

Dental microscope also assist in:
  • finding additional canals
  • closing a perforation inside of the canal
  • diagnosis of root fracture
  • removing a broken tool
  • extraction of the old canal input or pin


SAF SYSTEM provides you the highest quality of robot canal treatment and minimalises postsurgical complications.

  1. It adapts to the natural shape of robot canal.
  2. Effective disinfection. The film disinfects the root canal and removes infected dentin at the same time.
  3. It preserves as much sound dentin as possible.
  4. SAFETY- the construction of file provides maximum safety for patient.
SAF SYSTEM file is only one in the world endodontic file, which adapts to root canal shape and rinses it at the same time.